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Upper Management

Upper Management lets you play corporate bingo and generate random phrases of buzzwords.

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  • Play corporate bingo in your next meeting or conference call.
  • Tap the buzzwords as you hear them.
  • When you get five buzzwords in a row (up, down, diagonally), Bingo! You've won!
  • Tap Reload to generate a new board and play a new game.
  • Add your own buzzwords to make it even better.
  • Tap or shake to randomly generate a new phrase.
  • Tap the Speak button to hear the phrase in a voice.
  • Choose from different voices.
  • Share with your friends and coworkers.

Want to have "Straight to Upper Management" written all over you? Spice up those TPS reports and sound smarter than your colleagues. Learn how to talk like a CEO and impress everyone with your brilliance.

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