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Search My Photos helps you organize and quickly find your photos using tags, or descriptive keywords. Dive into your photo archive!

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Search My Photos helps you organize and quickly find your photos using descriptive keywords, tags, or emojis. Dive into your photo archive!

Ever have trouble finding a photo? Want to organize your photos by more than just date and location? Have to scroll through hundreds or thousands of photos? Find it frustrating and time consuming scouring all those photos again and again? Search My Photos lets you add tags to your photos, so you can quickly and easily re-find or recall them when needed.

  • Select photos in your library and then add a few descriptive tags, keywords, or emojis to make them searchable.
  • Search to quickly view results and find photos.
  • View search results as a collection of photos.
  • Select a photo to view, edit tags, or share.
  • Find photos by location on a map.
  • Swipe left or right to view photos in the search results.
  • Prevent others from wantonly scrolling through your photos.
  • Take pictures directly in the app and add tags right away.
  • No need to switch back and forth between Camera apps.
  • Auto-complete list of your own tags.
  • Works offline, no Internet connection required.
  • No login required.
  • No 'Hidden' photos are used.
  • No advertisements.

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