Gov Job Search

Gov Job Search allows you to search for Federal jobs and employment information.

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Gov Job Search allows you to search for government jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

  • Search by the job title you want, such as Doctor, Specialist, or Engineer.
  • Filter jobs by keyword, like Security, Medical, or Finance.
  • Select multiple job types or occupations, for example Accounting, Forestry, or Information Technology.
  • Choose different locations, such as Florida, California, or Virgin Islands.
  • See jobs by departments or organizations, like NASA, Treasury, or FAA.
  • Set your desired pay grade or salary range.
  • Tap on a job to get more details.

Apperdashery LLC is not affiliated with, connected to, or endorsed by OPM. Jobs are open to the public and data is not copyrighted. The data presented is for Public Job Opportunities.

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